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Suremix Top Selling Growing Media   Top Selling Growing Media


Professional All Purpose Perlite Mix Perennial Mix Basket Mix Poinsettia Premium
Mum Premium Geranium Premium Bulb Premium Plug Mix

General all purpose mix that helps to increase aeration for a more active root system.     Good for potting and seeding plants.

Enhances root development. 

Give your plants a healthy start and a fighting chance to pass annual checkups. The SUREMIX formula guarantees consistent mix for your crops.
Rock wool & coir additives in the mix help keep your plants healthy and vibrant. Consistent moisture in the soil, not too wet or too dry. Reduce frequency of watering and easier rewetting.
Perlite helps to increase aeration for a more active root system which helps produce better poinsettias. Actino iron is added to helpfight root fungus.
Reduce the risk. Higher bulk density and more available water with less tipping over. This SUREMIX gives mums the boost they need to stand up and be counted.
Iron and magnesium toxicity is characterized by yellow leaves and black spots. SUREMIX adjusted pH balance helps produce strong healthy geraniums. Special formulated to hold moisture but drain well. Offers the plant a rich supply of nutrients.      
The structure and particle size of the peat moss provides the roots with excellent air porosity and water holding capacity. Enhances root development with excellent aeration.


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