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Surefill Custom Filling 

Surefill Custom Filling


Tell us what you prefer to grow in. We will source it out, if we do not already have it in stock, or you can supply the containers. As your business partner our first concern is that you get your product when you need it.

We have a supply of labor focused on filling containers. They are trained and have years of experience. They fill each cell of a flat, each hanging basket, each pot and each nursery can the same. You receive uniformly filled containers. This reduces your management challenges, while growing the crop.

By outsourcing your filled containers, you reduce your labor requirements – fewer people. Your current team can devote their time and efforts to other tasks. Today, why do so many growers purchase plugs or cutting material, rather than do their own? Because they have found purchasing from a specialist to have more value - higher quality at less cost.   

• Reduce labor costs

• Reduce inventory costs

• Reduce waste

• Reduce equipment costs

• Save time

• Improve media consistency

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Order your stock early and take advantange early ship program Remember MGP Sales Discounts Sure Summer Shipping Discount- 5% on all soil items shipped between May 1 and Septemer 20th. 4% on all soil items shipped between October 1 and October 20th. 3% on all soil items shipped between November 1 and November 20th

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Contact us for pricing on SUREFILL woman on phoneGrowing Media in popular formulations, or let us custom blend to your specifications. Learn how to save money on labor, materials and time with our SUREFILL custom-filled containers.  


Click through to get a quote fast, or call us at 1-800-354-2713.